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This is, our family's presence on the World Wide Web. The primary role of this site is to house our ever growing photo album. In addition, this site hosts individual web pages for family members and provides email aliases under the domain.

If you are new to the site, explore the links on the toolbar just below the title banner or read through the sections you see below. Enjoy your stay at, our family's electronic home!


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Here are some links to get your browsing started. Want a new link added to the list? Just ask!

Email Forwarding

Did you know that you can have a email address? In fact, many of you already have one and might not even know. If you want an address of the form, then send Dave email and he'll set one up. Any email sent to the new address will get forwarded right to your existing email!

WANTED: Recipes is puttting together a database of recipes so those family favorites are always within reach. Take a look at the recipe section to see what's already there. And if you have anything to contribute, send it my way.